In the digital age, the Internet is the bringer of both good and bad news. Brand reputation marketing experts explain that the public’s perception of a company stems from whatever they read online. Hence, if all consumers see are negative reviews about your brand, they’re more likely to avoid patronizing or doing business with you.

Face the music

Should you encounter any negative impressions in your site or social media, make sure to address them immediately. Whether it involves a refund or simply allowing them to vent, posting a reply in real-time will highlight your sense of urgency. Deleting a negative comment will encourage the disgruntled customer to post more nastiness elsewhere.

Strut your strengths

Creating (or maintaining) a positive impression about your brand starts with your achievements. Why should they think highly of you? Has your brand made a major contribution to the advancement of science or technology? Has the company supported projects that positively impacted a cause? Press releases and blog posts are a start.

Show up everywhere

If your ad budget can manage a billboard along a major thoroughfare, well and good. In line with the causes you support or promotional activities for your brand, some traditional ad efforts like posters, banners, and merchandising will go a long way towards establishing your presence in the marketplace.