A business’s reputation is its sink-or-swim determining factor, especially in a technology-reliant age. This means that your image and presence online can either do wonders or cause irreparable damage to your company. This is why brand reputation marketing should be a part of every company’s core business processes.

Engage Socially

It is important for a company to have relationships with its customers through effective communication. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will certainly help with consumer interactions. One effective way to do this is to dedicate company resources and manpower to manage social media accounts to provide responses to customer queries and feedback.

Dominate Search Engine Results

Most consumers rely on search engines to find products, services, and companies. It is a known fact that search results that appear on the first page are the ones that stand to make more profit and attract more customers. Invest in search engine optimization to increase the visibility of your company’s website.

Crisis Communication

Most, if not all, major companies have a whole department for dealing with crises as well as addressing the public. Encountering problems is an inevitable part of managing a company, And having a crisis communication department would certainly help with unsatisfied customers and dispel unflattering rumors.