Is your website being haunted by a negative review that you thought had disappeared many years ago? Are you bothered that your present customers might see the review and believe it? Negative criticisms can severely damage your brand, and to counter it, you will need online reputation management.

Online reputation management is a type of service usually provided by internet marketing companies. It’s meant to help prevent companies from getting online bad reviews and to mitigate the damage from pre-existing ones. This is achieved not by deleting the bad review or confronting whoever wrote it, but by beating the bad review in influencing your target market.

Reputation management is a two-phase process. The first phase is ensuring that your website ranks high in Google’s results pages. To do this you need effective search engine optimization (SEO). Given Google’s new algorithms that give high regard to quality content, being at the top of its SERPs is tantamount to good reputation. Your ranking alone will debunk the negative content about your business.

The next phase is promoting review sites that have good testimonials about your business. If possible, they should rank high in Google’s SERPs so that your target market can see it faster than they would websites that speak badly about your business. To help you accomplish these two phases, hire a trusted online reputation management service provider.