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The Internet has become the most popular way for consumers to look up information about products and businesses. However, they only have to browse through the first page of search results to make their decision, and consumers tend to rely heavily on review sites. Houston business owners may spend years developing their brand, but bad reviews could ruin their reputations quickly. This is why brand reputation marketing, which involves actively monitoring and managing a company’s online reputation, is important.

Brand reputation marketing involves engaging with customers in constructive ways. Interacting with them means responding even to negative comments. By showing people that your company takes consumers’ opinions into consideration, you earn some goodwill among consumers for exceptional customer service. Companies can also take a more active role by soliciting positive reviews from past customers. You can’t make up reviews because Internet users can often spot fake content. Instead, highlight positive feedback from return customers. Continue reading

Nowadays, people are using hashtags like crazy on just about every post but when it first started, nobody knew that it would become one of the most effective marketing tactic on social media. Twitter first adopted this quirky little innovation as a feature after one user proposed its use and other social media platforms decided to follow suit. Using hashtags, skilled content marketing professionals in Houston, TX or anywhere else can create trending topics that can be found easier and filtered by their target market.
Follow the Hottest Trends
Social media is where the latest buzz is and if you don’t keep up, you’re brand is bound to suffer. You need to stay relevant and use hashtags that people are actually using. Find out what the trending topics are and use them in your content to reach more people.

All it takes is a single marketing mistake to bring the down the reputation of your business—the one you’ve worked very hard to establish. Due to the ever-increasing competition in the market, some business owners rush their advertising campaigns without looking at the entire picture. In a world where inappropriate advertising can easily irk consumers and deflate profits, you need to be very cautious in branding your business.

Examples of Marketing Disasters

The advertising world saw several massive marketing fails from some of the world’s biggest companies and franchises in 2014. Apple shelled out a hefty $100 million to gift half-a-billion iTunes subscribers with U2’s Songs of Innocence recording—the band’s first in 5 years. Unfortunately, a lot of customers were not happy about receiving music without their permission and Apple had to quickly develop a button to remove the songs to placate the irate community.