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You started your business with modest goals but big dreams. To take things to the next level, you need to get word out about your business and position your brand as a reputable name within your industry. For that to happen, you need to earn positive reviews and build a five-star reputation on prominent review sites to generate more leads.

When ranking pages, search engines now consider consumer reviews along with content quality and other site elements. In other words, you cannot afford to ignore the role your reputation plays in your online marketing success. This is where proactive brand reputation marketing comes in.

For instance, though you cannot entirely prevent negative reviews from popping up, you can certainly address bad publicity though not in a solely reactive manner. One way to do that is to consistently provide the kind of excellent service that earns you praise and word of mouth. You must also regularly monitor your search results to identify problematic reviews. If possible, communicate with creators of negative posts or at least leave comments to explain your side.

Part of maintaining a stellar online reputation is also ensuring that your website appears among the first search results for your target keywords by means of effective SEO and content marketing. Doing so establishes your business as a credible voice within your industry and also helps push negative content further down search engine results. To achieve the best results, be sure to consult a brand reputation marketing specialist.


Building a good online reputation is hard work, but is well worth the time and energy you devote to it. After all, no one wants do business with an establishment with a negative image. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you build and maintain a pristine online reputation: Continue reading

A look at the websites of several companies or talented individuals like musicians will yield pages for their special videos. You’d know a video has gone viral when it has been viewed and shared over social media thousands of times. The potential of online videos gives business operators a chance to use it as a marketing tool – an aspect that professionals at brand reputation marketing in Houston, TX can help you with.

In the Workplace

Some online marketers claim that companies can take a hit on their branding when they don’t show videos of their employees at work. Ideas for marketing videos may include short interviews with some employees stating the positive aspects of the business. It even works as a recruitment tool when say your firm is expanding; you only need to guide them to your website’s Careers/Employment section. Continue reading

In the digital age, the Internet is the bringer of both good and bad news. Brand reputation marketing experts explain that the public’s perception of a company stems from whatever they read online. Hence, if all consumers see are negative reviews about your brand, they’re more likely to avoid patronizing or doing business with you.

Face the music

Should you encounter any negative impressions in your site or social media, make sure to address them immediately. Whether it involves a refund or simply allowing them to vent, posting a reply in real-time will highlight your sense of urgency. Deleting a negative comment will encourage the disgruntled customer to post more nastiness elsewhere. Continue reading